Dallas Restaurant Favorites

New Kid on the Block - Paradiso

Bishop Arts has been known for its coffee shops and artisanal atmosphere for some time, and is increasingly growing in popularity among young families and singles. The neighborhood doesn't disappoint in terms of real estate and entertainment. And with the crowds, come new concepts, such as Paradiso.

The European-Coastal inspired restaurant sits next to its sister venue, the Botanist, a craft mixology  cocktail bar that boasts a fragrant menu of infused libations.

Both venues have an earthy, minimalist aesthetic to them with an array of neutrals and natural materials in the architecture decorated with fresh greens.

The curbside entrance boasts a pink neon reading "Paradiso" in a curvy script with picturesque patio tables wrapping around the sharp corner that leads you to the front door. A total Instagram-worthy site for any passerby.

When you walk in, the main bar gives the feeling of entering a rain forest, with flowers and greens hanging from the ceiling aside glittery gold ornaments. Blush, velvet chairs line the bar top, insisting you occupy them and order a sparkling Paradiso 75.

The weekend crowed was lively, but not overbearing, and the staff accepted the challenge gracefully. Although some may argue the space is out of place among its usual grungy, art-inspired neighbors, we think it's just what the neighborhood needs.

The diversity encourages a new genre of dining and satisfies the overflow from the Uptown migrants, yet doesn't create chaos in the typically quiet streets.

We highly recommend making a visit just before sunset. The crowd is lively and ambience is ideal.


The back patio looks like a scene from a magical fairy tale movie with delicate string lights climbing from tree to tree.

If you are looking for a more casual experience, there is a small patio bar that turns drinks quickly and serves light appetizers.


There are open seating tables, so it's usually easy to grab a seat without having to wait or make a reservation, depending on your group size.

The inside is accommodating for any size party. There are long, comfortable booths that make for perfect birthday party locations or a boozy brunch with large groups.

And the decor couldn't be trendier. Where some may see a fish out of water, we see the comings of a diverse and robust neighborhood culture.