Dallas Restaurant Favorites

Street's Fine Chicken

Being in the South, we know exactly what makes a good homestyle meal. But of all the hearty dishes coined by Texan roots, fried chicken may be one of the most reputable staples of all.

In most other areas of the world, chicken is a bland meal. Often baked, maybe thrown on a salad or mixed with some roasted veggies, the bird is a common dish for most families.

But here in the South, we do things a little differently. And Street’s Fine Chicken on Cedar Springs knows how it’s done.

Street’s Fine Chicken is a French inspired restaurant that puts a Southern fried twist on classic dishes such as roasted chicken, a hearty pot pie, and juicy, delicate lollipops, smoked then fried and topped with a Grand Marnier horseradish molasses.


While their menu boasts a number of crowd favorites, let’s cover the basics first: Fried Chicken. Battered in egg-wash and coated with chunky breadcrumbs, each piece is fried to crispy, golden perfection. The tender, juicy bird meat has an instant mouthwatering effect. Street’s Fine Chicken doesn’t cut corners when it comes to preparing their birds. All their chicken is brined for 24 hours in a top-secret concoction, with traces of lemon and herbes de provence, delivering that French-inspired flavor in every bite.


But there’s much more to the eatery than the staple dishes. Their expansive list of starters and sides add a tasty variety to any meal. Kick things off with some Little Devils, a perfectly boiled deviled egg with a spicy kick of Siracha and jalapeño. Or combat the chilly weather with the Roasted Chicken and White Bean Soup.

Aside from the out-of-this-world menu options, there is something to be said about the Cedar Spring location itself. Nestled in Oak Lawn area among nightlife and shops, the quaint storefront invites passersby to slide in for a home-cooked meal. You’re greeted by a smiling host into a vintage-style diner. The main dining room is warm and inviting, with a wide variety of chicken-related art scattered across the walls in a messy, collage-like pattern. It’s almost like each chicken is a version of the Street’s Fine mascot, all with their own personalities. And the hospitality is as Southern as the chicken.


Whether it’s family dinner out or a hungover brunch with your friends, Street’s Fine Chicken won’t disappoint. Just try not to drool on the table when they walk by with your neighbors dish.